Are you interested to invest in China, and you want to find hundreds of Business Opportunities ?

This is for you.


GMA for Gentlemen Marketing Agency

  • Pure Digital Agency In China
  • Created in 2012
  • 650 clients that are developping their business in China

Mad Men at the Digital Age in China

We create innovative solutions for Business in China. We build deep connections with our client and we deliver results. +300% growth since 2012 GMA.

 Why Gentlemen?

Because we like to compare our self to Mad Men at the Digital Age in China. We are a Digital Marketing Agency, focus on Results.

We help to develop Distribution & Branding, working on Lead Generation campaign, or help to boost e-Commerce in China.

GMA is this kind of Agency that is able to create results from scratch, and prove his method with hundreds of clients already.

GMA key Figures

  • 300% Growth / Annual Growth
  • 3Millions USD
  • Team : 70 Marketers

The Future of GMA?  

5 Partners today

  • If you want more information, about our Agency, our New Incubator project or invest in some of our clients, you can contact
  • Olivier VEROT