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Discover how to attract foreign investors in China.

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SEO & SEM on Baidu

We provide many webservices from SEO & SEM on Chinese search engines, to auditing your websites and creating quality content.

Community Management

Social networks are in vogue in China, the Chinese have embraced these new means of communication.

Awareness & Visibility

We increase their traffic, create online advertising campaigns and help them to attract more customers.

Lead Generation

We help companies generate leads by attracting Chinese customers. We help them to improve their visibility, traffic and image among Chinese clients.


We provide e-reputation service management, we help businesses and brands to develop a better image online that is tailored to the Chinese market.

Buzz Marketing

We are specialized in viral marketing on the Chinese market which is very sensitive to what creates a 'buzz'.

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Investing in China has no secrets for us. After several years located in the heart of Shanghai, we know everything about the Chinese market. You can see some of our case studies below.


Knowing the Chinese market

With the incredible rise that the Chinese economy has experienced, you probably want to grow your brand and profit from its market! The middle class is growing rapidly and is a huge market, regardless of your industry. Many investors are ready to give your project in China a chance!

How to build your brand image

To attract investors as well as to attract customers, you need to take care of your brand image both online and offline. To give yourself visibility, be present on the various Chinese social networks, starting with Wechat and Weibo. The more your brand appears in search results, the more you will be trusted.

Find good projects to invest in

With several years of experience studying the Chinese market, our teams can advise you on how to find projects in which to invest. If you want to invest in China, we can help you understand the Chinese market and its secrets for you to be successful in China by choosing the best projects.

Find good investors for your project

Many Chinese investors are waiting for you and asking only to entrust you with their funds, you still need to seduce and attract them, by first forging a name in China. Organization of events and conferences, online reputation, creation of pop-up stores ... are just a sample of what you can set up in China.


We are specialists in the world of digital in China. We have built up a high level of expertise in a variety of market sectors with many successful projects tailored to this unique market. It is important to deeply understand the digital environment in order to act with the most effective strategy. Each sector presents different challenges and opportunities, unique market sector strategy is developed by our team by request.

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How to get to know the Chinese investment market?

The best way to get to know the Chinese market is to live and work there yourself for several years. You need to understand both Chinese culture, the digital ecosystem by which all business is done, but also the Chinese work ethic, in order to hope “doing business in China”. As this is not always possible, get support from an agency that can help and assist you to understand how to do business in China! Contact us for more information or visit our website, China is waiting for you!

How to attract good Chinese investors for your project?

To hope to find Chinese investors for your project, everything can be summed up in one word: visibility. You have to convince you that your project is worth the attention; better, that we invest time and money. Our agency can help you publicize your project to potential investors through both online and offline practices. Social networks, question/answer forums, SEO referencing on Baidu, events (conventions, conferences, pop-up stores …), we have many resources to support you from the start to the end of your project.

How to find the good projects to invest in?

If, on the other hand, you want to invest in local projects, many talented Chinese designers are waiting for your attention. Thanks to our knowledge of the Chinese market and its tricks, we help you plan and anticipate which projects could suit your expectations and your budget. Contact us on our website to establish your tailor-made strategy and prosper in China thanks to our advice, whatever the sector in which you operate.