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JD Store Openning

Openning a store on JD has never been easier or quicker thanks to our team of experts

JD Store Design

We design a responsive store for your customers to enjoy their shoppong experience

JD Store Management

From listing to promotion and customers services, our dedicated team remove a weight from your shoulder

Content Marketing

Smart & engaging content to connect with your target audiance & go viral on the chinese internet

Off-Site Promotion

Branding is key to success in China, so we make sure the whole internet knows about your brand

China Kols Marketing

We help you collaborate with China's hottest Kols & increase you ROI tenfold

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JDcom Store Registration

We help you open your JD store with all the administrative procedures, from installation to payment methods. We also do market analysis on competitors and current trends. This will allow you to sell your products to a large community of potential customers in China. Need a Chinese business license? we do that for you too!

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JD Store Management

We design a responsive, fast, and well-structured store that will appeal to your target audience and answer the name of Chinese UX; We also offer listing and stock management services and well as customers services solutions so that your customers are never left hanging with a questions

JD on Store Promotion

JD Paid Advertising, Live streaming, holidays campaigns, discounts, we design efficient campaigns to help you win over the trust of your target audience, gain visibility, and increase both your conversion rate and ROI.

Why are we your JD Agency?, just like Chinese e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, AliExpress, Taobao, or Tmall, can be difficult to grasp for newcomers. If you want to sell your products in China, choose a partner agency that specializes in e-commerce to help you master these eCommerce platforms and make the best out of them. Do you want to sell your products on JD? We know all the issues related to e-commerce in China. GMA is a dedicated partner in your E-commerce development and growth in China. Contact us!

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What is (京东 Jīngdōng) is a Beijing-based Chinese e-commerce company. It is the second-largest B2C online retailer in China after Alibaba’s Tmall. It is partially owned by Tencent, which owns a 20% stake in the company. The company, founded by Liu Qiangdong in 1998, quickly diversified, selling electronics, cellphones, computers, and the like. Today, is an e-commerce platform that offers an incredibly wide range of products that includes categories such as cosmetics, fresh food, clothing, and more. primarily dominates the electronics and fresh produce market. The fastest-growing products in terms of sales are cosmetics, food, and electronics. It offers millions of different items from thousands of brands from over 170,000 retailers. JD allows traders to open virtual storefronts and is allowed to import food, drink, clothing, and shoes directly from abroad.

The company is equipped with the JD pay or, WeChat Pay system as the only recognized payment system. Learn more about JD on their corporate blog!

Why and for who JD is an interesting online marketplace to sell in China?

JD is one of the most competitive platforms for suppliers. The large user base is very attentive to the price of the products. JD is, therefore, suitable for established brands with a good budget to invest in marketing to gain greater visibility. It provides marketing services to affiliate partners who deal with the disposition of products in the marketplace. Thus, within the platform, the best strategy to increase visibility is to enrich product sheets with high-quality images and optimize descriptions from an SEO point of view.

What are the benefits of selling on is a well-trusted Chinese online marketplace with a huge and varied users base. It offers an array of marketing tools such as native ads and on-site promotion. For instance, the app also partakes in every Chinese shopping festival and holiday where Chinese consumers are more likely to spend money.  JD also offers two versions of its platform a local one and a worldwide one that will appeal to foreign companies that do not have a Chinese business license yet.