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Our China Marketing Services for Schools & Universities


Rank First on Baidu & Grab the attention of Chinese Students & their parents

Online Reputation Management

Establish a strong reputation & become the reference in the education field

PR Campaign

Improve the visibility of your education services through trusted media

Chinese Website

Convince Chinese Students with an appealing Website targetted at them

Chinese Social Media Maketing & Kols

Reach out to Chinese Students through their favored comminications & information channels

Monthly Campaigns Report

A compelling reports that tells you how your money is spent & what results the actions taken brought.

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We have a great experience thanks to many successful projects. For 5 years, our passion for great work and marketing keeps us always providing solutions to help small and big businesses in China.

More about our Solutions to Recruit Chinese Students

To Attracts Chinese Students: Build a Strong Online Reputation

Building a strong e-reputation for your education business in China is the first thing you should care about. A good reputation will bring many Chinese students to choose your schools, but it takes time and work! What you'll need: Create Content Regularly for your blog, Chinese social media, forums, PR, and so on. Content should be varied, original, and localized for the Chinese market while respecting china's internet regulation. Our team offers quality content creation to present your schools under the best auspice, grow their visibility and credibility with Chinese parents and Chinese students.

Schools Need a Website & SEO to attract Chinese Students

To get started, you'll need a website localized to China's internet and Chinese netizens Your website will help show you are a legit organization and unable Baidu SEO & SEM. The goal of Baidu Search Engine Optimization is to rank your school's official website in the natural search results over time. This allows for higher quality prospects and will be done by parents extensively browsing through Baidu when they use keywords as guides on where best place their children today. Our Baidu SEO teams help you rank on the education market's most competitive keyword so you can reach out to more students more efficiently at reduced costs.

Promote your School on Chinese Social Media

Many Western universities & schools are investing in China to grow their student population and establish themselves as leaders in the education market. However, without coverage on top social media platforms like WeChat or Douyin, it is difficult for Chinese students who may not have ever heard about you before now to find out about you. Each and every Chinese social media has a business option that offers many effective marketing tools and it would be foolish to just ignore them. Hiring a social media agency specializing in the Chinese market, can make the task seriously easier. For instance, we help you register for a business account, design a customized social media strategy, and build a strong and engaged community through different channels.

Why Hire Us to Promote your Education Services in China?

Accademia del Lusso, La Rochelle Business School, Tailormade Chinese Center, Diamond Education, Newton China, Wellington College… Those are examples of schools for which we have work for! They wanted more visibility among Chinese students and learners: we gave them what they were looking for.

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Attract Chinese Students - Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Kols Marketing to attract Chinese Students?

Developing a strong relationship with your alumni network is an excellent way to attract and retain students from China. By talking through questions, getting feedback on the student experience at their school as well as reassuring parents of Chinese nationals who want access into this market-place you will be able make sure they come back for more!

How many chinese students study abroad?

China and India are the world’s two most populous nations, so it is no surprise that they have sent more students abroad than any other country. According to UNESCO data in 2017 China had 928 thousand student immigrants while India received 332 thousand.