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PR Strategy

Define your positioning and your angle of attack

Journalists Network

Take advantage of our media and journalists network

Press Releases

We write quality press releases in Mandarin & get you Backlinks

Viral PR Campaigns

Buzz campaigns: encourage your customers to interact with your brand

China Kols Campaigns

KOLs Creative KOLs campaigns to encourage word of mouth

Online Reputation Management

Online Repuation Management is the baseline of marketing, let us help you get it right

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More about PR & ORM in China

PR in China

From press releases and crisis prevention to press conferences, we'll make sure the experts are talking about you in the best light. Recognition by experts in China will give you the public trust and visibility you need. Take advantage of our address book to obtain publications on the leading media and platforms in your industry.

Qualitative Content

The quality of press releases is decisive for the success of a Press Relation campaign (in China as elsewhere). However, the criteria for press relations abroad and in China are not the same. Usually, articles or videos telling a story, playing on feelings and emotions, are more interesting and engaging, and therefore will have more effect on the audience. Our agency can help you create a story, do storytelling to create envy among the Chinese.

Viral PR Campaigns

Viral campaigns are a unique type of campaign aimed at increasing your visibility quickly (Buzz). This type of campaign is typically used at shopping festivals when consumers are eager to buy.

Collaboration with KOL

Also known as Key Opinion Leaders – KOLs – influencers share their lifestyles and feelings about products, events, places … A close collaboration with the latter allows to reach a wider audience, thanks to the confidence that the users give to their favorite KOLs.

Online Reputation Management

There’s no secret to online reputation management. Close attention to online media, blogs, websites, and SNS regularly is the key. Community management is a key part of ORM. A highly-engaged community combined through-out various platforms combined to good management of bad-buzz will benefit your brand awareness and increase your conversion rate.

PR & ORM in China - Frenquently Asked Questions

Do I need a PR Strategy in China?

In China, your sales are closely linked to your reputation. The awareness of a brand/company is an important part of its success in China. Therefore, using media relations to increase your reputation is definitely a good strategy. We are an online PR agency in China known to be efficient and pragmatic in building your brand awareness and product popularity. Due to the fierce competition, it is important to have experts in this field to help you.

Do good relationships with journalists matter in China?

Establishing good relationships with Chinese journalists and media is key for brands and businesses wishing to enter China. They are the ones who will promote your product through actions such as featured articles about your brand. Our agency is in contact with more than 2000 journalists as well as with KOLs. We have the connections that can propel your brand in China.

Can I use traditional Media for my PR effort in China?

Government censorship has made Chinese people somewhat wary of mainstream media. In addition, the internet makes it easy to find almost any information for free. Finally, there is the possibility of exchanging comments and opinions on a large number of subjects to obtain reliable information on a given subject.

Should I work with Chinese Kols?

It really depends on your project, budget, and goals. Contact-us to know If this would be a suitable solution for your company in China.