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Why Hire Gentlemen Marketing Agency for your PR in China


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Our PR Case Sutdies

We helped these companies improve their E-repuation in China with a smart PR strategy.

More About PR in China

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What does a PR agency ?

A PR agency use network and editorial coverage to help brand improve their e-reputation. PR is one of the most cost-effective solution there is out there. It is a basic of marketing where the right poeples talk about you. Our job? connect you to the right poeples and use their credibility to help you grow in China.

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E-Reputation & Branding

In China E-reputation is key to success. PR is a good way to build your credibility. Not only you are getting experts talking about you, but it also means backlinks from authority websites. More visibility, better and a better converstion rate. Our PR packages start at 3000RMB.

Forums and Kols

Complete your PR efforts and strengthen your credibility with UGC using forum and Kols to talk about you. Kols and communities are powerfull and widely listen to the Chinese internet. Their opinion matters the most. Let us create a community around your brand and connect you to the right kols.

Why Hire Gentlemen Marketing Agency for your PR in China

PR is from our very beginning one of our specialties. Since 2012, Baidu SEO is one of our favorite strategy to help kick start companies in China. PR is one of the tools used by SEO, it is cost-efficient, we love it and can’t recommend it enough. Also, we are pretty experienced and good at it!

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PR Agency China - Frequently Asked Questions

What is PR?

PR is a marketing tool that excludes Paid ads. It consists of having an authority profile talking about your company. It can be media (newspapers, blog..), KOLs or even community.
It is not always easy to get a press release that is why many agencies with the right connection and that know how to proceed are offering this type of service.
PR has the advantage of lasting in time and get you covered by trusted peoples on third party websites which gives you legitimacy.