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Helping to create brand awareness by maintaining a good online reputation and image.


Content is the key center point of your press relation campaign. Depending on the quality of the information in your content, you can be able to catch your public’s interest and bring traffic on your website.


Every month we provide a report with an overview of the monthly campaign.


We are counting more than 2000 journalists in our Database of contacts.

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PR in China has no secrets for us. After several years located in the heart of Shanghai, we know everything about the Chinese market. You can see some of our case studies below.


What is PR ?

Public Relations (PR) is the practice to manage spreading of information from a company to its targeted audience. In China the Online Press is more influential than the traditional one. The aim of public relations in China by a company often is to persuade the Chinese consumer, investors and partners to maintain a positive of view about the product or the brand.


Public Relations is one of the most cost-efficient forms of communication used to develop the image and reputation of a company, a product or brand in China.

The goal of public relations is to win the “media battle” and to maintain a positive, mutually beneficial relationship with journalists in your sector. Information needs to be relayed to the public through Chinese media outlets.

The objective of having a PR presence in China is to improve your reputation both broadly and within specialized communities, improve your image by disseminating positive messages and to control and manage your reputation.

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Why is online PR so important in China?

Online news sources are the main source of information for the Chinese. The majority of people, with increasing purchasing power, read more news on the Internet rather than buying a newspaper.
It is thus important to adapt your PR strategy accordingly. Content needs to be tailored to the online news reader who will often spend less time reading each article, focus on the quality of the content and keep it clear and to the point.

What are the best tool for an efficient online PR?

Social networks have become a vital communication tool with 450 million users now connected, the Chinese particularly trust their immediate social circle and family and can be particularly influenced by the content they are sharing on their news feed. Creating official accounts on platforms such as Weibo or WeChat and then disseminating shareable, interesting content amongst users is vital.