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Build a strong Baidu SEO strategy and Rank First on Baidu

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How a brand can optimize its SEO strategy on Baidu?

Keyword Audit

Depending on your field, we can help you to establish competition analysis of your field and offer you the most adapted solution.

Backlinks and PR

Quality Backling to give more authority to your Website on Baidu

Website Optimization

Website Optimized for Baidu & Appealing to Chinese users


Qualitative original Content focused on your Keywords to Rank higher on Baidu

Undercover SEO

Uses of Forums and Q&A to make sure your comapny is always visible on the 1st page of Baidu

Baidu Paid Ads

Use Baidu SEM to complete your SEO strategy.

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Our Baidu SEO Case Study

Thanks to many years of research and hard work, we can guarantee you good results for your implementation in China. Our passion for SEO optimization and marketing are the tools you need to penetrate the Chinese market efficiently!


Baidu SEO Strategy

Research: competitors and your positioning in the market, from there we can start thinking of a proper strategy that fits your goals and your budget: Keywords, PR, forums, videos, etc Should you complete with PPC or social media?

Starbuck China website localisation

Optimize and localize

If the set up is wrong, the rest will be wrong.  Step number one of Baidu: To rank, your website needs to be hosted in China, get ICP license, and be in Mandarin. Baidu knows only Mandarin and gives priorities to websites hosted in China. The website culture is different, therefore you need to adapt your content/design to the locals expectations.


Content & Visibility

Gma has 12 years of expertise in SEO, wether you need lead generation, traffic, brand awareness... we have a solution for you. Our copywriting team will create quality content to drive traffic to your landing pages, will invest the forums and Q&A to create a community around your company and work on PR to make you the leader of your industry.

tourism-press realease agency china

Backlinks & PR

Backlinks & PR are still some of the most cost-efficient solutions when it comes to building your e-reputation in China and at the same time boosting your website ranking on Baidu. Build Credibility and get more visibility, it is a win-win. PR effort last in time.


If you are looking to build a strong SEO strategy but you don’t know how to process it, you can trust our experienced SEO expert. Gentlemen Marketing Agency has years of experience working with brands, big companies as well as smaller ones. We work with clients from every industry and help them get the best online image they could have in the Chinese market.

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Baidu SEO - Frenquently Asked Question

What is Baidu ?

Baidu is one The most powerful search engines in China, the most used. Have you ever heard of this Chinese expression: “Baidu yi xia ba” (the equivalent of “google it”)
If you want to break into the Chinese market, Baidu SEO is a must step and a must-have. However, Baidu is really different from Google, if you want to know more, you can contact us

How many backlinks per Baidu campaign is necessary?

Depending on the competition in your industry we suggest 50-150 backlinks. It will not only help your website rank higher on Baidu but also improve your e-reputation as you’ll be quoted by numerous specialized media outlets in your industry.

Can your agency guaranty Baidu SEO results?

Yes! Baidu SEO was the first service we ever sold and we have become a master in it. We guaranty 50% keyword list to appear on the first page of Baidu after 1 month of campaigns.

What is the price of Baidu SEO services?

Our price starts at 500€ per month to 2500€ for ambitious keywords.

How many SEO project have you done?

We have done more than 250 SEO projects in 7 years.

Do you also do Baidu Zhidao , Baike, Tieba ?

Yes, Baidu Zhidao, Baidu Baike, and Baidu Tieba are part of the Baidu ecosystem and they are excellent at driving traffic to your website and obviously because they belong to Baidu they tend to rank higher.

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