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China Market Audit

Who are your competitors? What is your Market like in China? ...

Marketing Strategy

Give us your goals, we tell you how to get there.

China Social Media

Reach out to Chinese consumers via their favorite Social media

Baidu SEO

Gain more visibility & legitimacy with a well put Baidu SEO strategy

Chinese Native Ads

Unlock the power of paid advertising on Chinese platform

Campaigns Reporting

Know exactly what is going on with your project with a fully detailled montly report.

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More about Advertising in China

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Key of Advertising in China

The key to running a successful advertising campaign is localizing. While it may be doable in-house when expending to western countries with China it is another story. The internet landscape is totally different and most of the marketing tools you usually use won't even work in China. Take your website for instance? It is very likely that is optimized for google. If that is the case, you can forget to use it in China, a simple translation of the content won't do it. Another Key point to remember in China is the need for branding and building e-reputation; Why? Both Chinese companies and consumers are extremely suspicious. The good news, is that you can achieve this with digital marketing and advertising.

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Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

An Omni-channel marketing strategy is as relevant as in the west or maybe even more, you won't have Facebook to get loads of traffic. Combining SEO, PPC, pr, forums, and social media will ensure your company looks legit to the eyes of your target. We can help you choose the platform, register, and manage the content to build your reputation, increase your ROI and lower your cost of acquisition.

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Reporting & Analyzing

We are marketers to the core and we are obsessed with recording everything. Every month we send you a detailed report on what happened, what was done, the results. From there, we can discuss how to get better, adapt the strategy to the data, and make crucial decisions.

Why Choose Us To Advertise your Company in China?

For a start, we are digital marketing and advertising based in Shanghai-China. Our teams of passionate and local experts have been running successful campaigns for our customers since 2012. It would be lying to say we never had any fails, but we have been learning from our mistakes and growing from them. Finally, we treat our clients marketing efforts the same way we treat ours, with care and dedication, always looking for new solutions and ways to improve the already existing ones.

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Advertising in China - Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I hire an Agency to advertise my Company in China?

Marketing in China is very different from what you know and just entering China can be challenging. A marketing agency can help you in many aspects: from getting a Chinese business licence to creating great content in mandarin to promoting your brand and even manage your e-commerce store with services such as listing and customers service. Hiring an agency will save you from headache but also from wasting time and money.