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How do we help you promote you on Weibo?

Weibo Set Up

We register your brand officialy on Weibo for more legitimacy

Weibo Account Management

We take care of the content & grow your following

Community Management

Interaction with your community, bad buzz management and so on

Weibo Marketing

Contest, give away, post reshare... We grow your brand awareness with Weibo tools

Weibo Kols

Collaborate with Weibo Kols to improve your visibility and reputation

Weibo Ads

Use Weibo paid ads to increase your visibility quickly like you would on Facebook

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More About Weibo Marketing

Chinese Social Media - Smiley Accoun on Weibo for Halloween

Weibo Account Management

Weibo is very influential in China, a user satisfied with a brand is likely to share his experience there and get thousands of “likes” and “sharing”, good ground for viral campaigns. Weibo also allows commenting on a publication, thus, is great for user-generated content and organic discussion about any topics. You'll need catchy & aesthetically pleasing visuals to grab Weibo user's attention. We create this type of content for you.

Weibo Community Mangement

It is essential to keep in touch with your community by answering questions about your publications, to the various comments … To thank customers who publish positive comments about your products and to help those who are dissatisfied with them is very important, customer loyalty and a reactive brand image with the Chinese

Weibo Marketing

As on WeChat, you can go through KOL (Key Opinion Leader) or influencer to promote your products. These are very much followed on the social network and can bring you a very large number of customers in a very short time. However, it is not the only type of promotion possible, banner ads can also be used for example. As of 2021, contests are trendy and have proven to be efficient in growing one's following and engagement.

Weibo Marketing - Frequently Asked Question

Why should I advertise on Weibo?

Weibo is one of the best ways to promote companies or brands in China. All the big brands have a Weibo account where they publish daily. Our agency offers Weibo management services, Weibo Marketing for brands, companies, or stars. Weibo is everywhere: subway, home, office, street… People use it at any time. Weibo is the major player in the microblogging market in China.

Weibo or WeChat: which one to choose?

It all depends on your business as well as your industry, however, the Weibo users are pretty versatile and even B2B companies would not have hard time to find their audience there.