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Optimize your social media marketing tool and gain website traffic in China.

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Branding & Brand Image

We will help your company get a great imagine online with the help of KOLs and community manager experts.

Awareness & Visibility

We will raise awareness toward your brand on several social media through attractive post and appealing design.

Customer Engagement

We will post regularly great content to engage you with your followers.

Social E-Commerce

We set you up and manage you China social e-commerce.

KOLs & Influencers

Discover the advantages of influence marketing by choosing the right KOLs for your brand.

Digital Content Creation

Learn how to create and display original content to promote your products and your brand image in China.

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We acquired a rich experience through several successful projects thanks to the hard work of our team of specialists. Our success is mainly due to our shared passion for great work, marketing and keeping up with the best solutions to help businesses in China.


Branding & Awareness

Social media in China are the best place to work on your branding and story telling. Choosing the right social media for to reach your goal is the most important step of your journey, however there are so many it can be tricky. We'll help you with that and run campaigns according to your need: kols, buzz, contest, storry telling, sales etc

Engagement & Community

Word of mouth and big communities are at the heart of the Chinese internet and it would be idiotic not to benefit from it. We will help you create and manage an active community on social media that will generate engagement and organic awareness toward your brands. In other terms, use communities to spread the word.

Social E-Commerce

Wechat, Xiaohongshu, Weibo with its Taobao Live streaming, Pinduoduo etc.. they all have one thing in common: Social Ecommerce. They use UGC and their communities to sell. Some started as just social media and later opened to eCommerce but one thing is sure, using one of these platforms can be an alternative to Tmall and JD, cheaper and offers tool to build your e-reputation. We get you in.


KOLs & Influencers

Being careful when buying is part of Chinese culture. Impulse buying is not very common. KOLs are a reliable source of information for Chinese consumers when investigating a brand or products. KOLs are viewed as pairs by Chinese buyers and are much more trusted than official sources of information such as your website. Since there is a sea of Chinese KOLs, hiring a specialist agency will save you a lot of effort and probably trouble, especially if you don't speak Chinese.


The real value of social media is the interactivity and positive impressions on your targets. By optimizing your social media marketing tool, you can gain website traffic by catching users’ attention through social Chinese media. We can help you to target people and their behavior on Chinese social media, create innovative content, understand the special communication skills used on China Social Media.

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What are the most popular Chinese social media in China?

WeChat, Weibo, and Douyin (Tiktok). With over 800 million Chinese internet users, China represents the world’s largest social media market. It benefits from a very rich and diverse online landscape, that has nothing to do with the Western one. China has its own apps, social networks, platforms, etc. Understanding this world is essential for any global brand that would like to implement itself in the Chinese market. 

How may users on QQ and WeChat in China?

Wechat is the Chinese equivalent of WhatsApp for conversations, WeChat Pay provides mobile payment solutions, WeChat Moments can be related to Instagram or a Facebook wall. Wechat in 2019 accounts for 1,15 billion users. QQ zone from Tencent had 803.2 million monthly active users in August 2018. Other popular platforms such as Douyin had 400 million monthly active users in 2018. Weibo stays strong with 486 million monthly active users in June 2019.

Is Weibo a popular social media in China nowadays?

In terms of popularity, compare Weibo to Facebook. It is one of the oldest Chinese social networks, people criticize it, but everyone still uses it every day. It’s a great platform for brands to trade and communicate with their followers. A post can easily go viral the same way it does on Twitter. The best way to have a presence in the Chinese market would be to create both a WeChat account and a Weibo account and then research the appropriate existing Chinese platforms that can meet your needs.

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