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Maximize your China Social Media Effort With Douyin

Official Account Creation

Our Agency takes care of all the paperwork and official account openning process for Douyin - TikTok & Toutiao

TikTok - Douyin PPC Ads

Let's create and run Video or/and Banner campaign on tiktok-Douyin.

TikTok Kols Marketing

We run succesfull Kols & Afilliate marketing campaign with our TikTok Kol Partner List

TikTok Contest Game

Run contest game to creata buzz and engagement with your brand

TikTok Social Commerce

You have a Chinese business Licence? We run CPS ads on Tmall to promote your company

Video Editing

We create video content to feed your official account on a regular basis

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More About TikTok-Douyin


Douyin aka Tiktok: The Rising Star of Chinese Social Media

TikTok or Douyin in China is one of the hottest app in China right now. It belongs to the group Byte dance and works in pair with Toutiao (Chinese buzz feed). Douyin is basically a short video app with 500 000 daily users. The app is the perfect platform for Kols and Influencers and has recently open to companies. The app has announced a 020 Feature: Online to offline that will connect physical business to online users. Douyin app can be used to display ads ad well as doing buzz marketing. A content App with a lot of potential to advertise your company in many way.

Why hire us for your Douyin marketing?

Our agency was created in 2012 and has never stop growing since then. With our passionate team, we always develop and create new solutions. We want to be the first finding and mastering new platforms such as Douyin, and we never miss an opportunity to learn and educate ourselves about what is going on in China in order to offer topnotch services to our customers.

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What is the difference between TikTok and Douyin?

Tiktok was bought out by byte dance about a year ago. Even though the apps are similar and both focus on users content, they are independent of each other. Douyin is specific to China.

Who are the users of Douyin?

Douyin users are young. They are what we call the generation Z and are high consumers of short video content. They open the app up to 5 time a day and spend an average of 30 Minutes a day scrolling videos.

How does Douyin work?

The concept is simple. Douyin as well as Toutiao suggest highly targeted content to its users. The more someone uses the app, the more the content suggested will be targeted, making it even more addictive, but also a great tool to display ads.

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