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Who’s your target audience on tik tok and who’s your competitor

Open Tiktok verified account

Paperwork and registration process to open a verified on Douyin

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Design a great account that illustrate your brand

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Video that will drive visitors to your official tik tok page

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More on Tiktok Verified Account Registration

Tiktok Official Account registration process

Paper work in China can be a hassle if you don’ t master the language and the subtlety of the Chinese laws systems. To get to the platform you’ll have to submit a lot of documentation about your brands. We can help you with the full process and get your company/Brand officially registered on TikTok/Douyin as well as Toutiao. Save time and resources and create your tik tok official account from the first attempts by hiring a tiktok agency such as ours.

Tiktok Account design and video editing

The success of TikTok lies in its concept: short videos where Kols and brands can express themselves and show their creativity and personality. Once we have got you register, we will design for your brand a unique profile that illustrates who you are but that is also in accordance with what Chinese netizen are looking for and make sure your videos beat the algorithms. Talking about videos, we can do that to, catchy video with a buzz potential, subtitles etc

Why hire us to register your TikTok/Douyin verified account?

We have a dedicated team working on helping the company to register any platform they would like as well as partnerships with many of these platforms. The people of our team always spend time getting on board with new regulations and processes to make the process of registration as smooth and quick as possible.

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Tiktok Verified Account - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to open a verified account on Tiktok?

To get a verified account on Douyin you’ll have to pay 600 yuan (300 for Chinese companies) and provide similar documents than the one you would provide to open a Wechat or Weibo verified account. Basically all the documents regarding your company such as business license as well as invitation letter, description of your companies, etc.

What are the benefits of having a Douyin verified Account?

As for a Wechat verified account, you have more option that personal accounts such as more profile customization a verified account badge and advanced analytics tools. A verified account also gives you more credibility. It also gives more freedom in what you post, such as price-rewarding activities.