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WeChat is an incredible place for you to share interesting content about your brand and your products. You can share videos, audio, photos and messages. We can help you to share the right content at the right time. Content is crucial.


our Agency is specialize on the promotion of Wechat Channel on Social media, forums, Wechat Groups, or among users. We also communicate among other Wechat Channels to help your wechat posts to get exposure.


We can set up a Wechat Store, and help you to promote your products among Chinese consumers on Wechat. Wechat will become a major e-Commerce plateform in the future and already have developed wechat payement.


Wechat is the tool to make your customer loyal, by providing them usefull information and help them to meet others consumers with the same profils.

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We set up communication campaign on Wechat : Advertising campaign on moment or on popular posts.


Every month we provide a report with an overview of the monthly campaign.

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We have a wealth of experience with many successful projects under our collective belt, our success is due to our passion for great work and marketing. Solutions to help businesses in China


WeChat Super App

WeChat was created by the Chinese giant, Tencent. At its core, it is a messaging app, but it has so much more to offer. No other app in the West is comparable to WeChat. It would rather be a mix of Facebook, Skype, Slack, Amazon and Paypal, all rolled up into one and only app. Knowing this, it is easier to understand the huge role of WeChat in Chinese people’s lives. Indeed, it is the most popular mobile app of the country, on which they all spend hours everyday. The app enables companies to create an "official account" to promote their company. This is the best way for a brand to create a community, gain followers and being actively engaged with them. As you can also sell your products on WeChat, it is very convenient for the user to directly purchase something on your WeChat account.

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Wechat CRM

Set up and use the in-app Wechat CRM. It is a great tool to communicate with your followers/customers and can be used as a replacement for a newsletter. Remember, email marketing does not work in China, peoples don't read emails. With a well set Wechat CRM, answers automatically any questions your followers may have, to welcome new ones, to offers special discounts etc.. You don't spend time doing it, and it increase your trust level with followers.

Why Choose Gentlemen Marketing Agency for your Wechat Branding?

WeChat is the most used messaging application in China. It’s a private social network on which users can share photos, videos and audios with their friends. But brands can also have a WeChat account to which people can subscribe and then receive news. It is the most efficient social network on which create your account as a new-comer in China, and we are here to help you!

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How can WeChat help my brand to implement my company in China ?

WeChat is the app on which Chinese spend most of their time. It is thus the best way to offer your brand visibility and create a community that will follow you.

How can I sell my products on WeChat ?

WeChat mini-programs: This new feature can be described as a kind of “sub-application”. An app inside another (in this case, WeChat). Mini-programs can, therefore, be compared to “mini-apps” built into the WeChat app itself. As a result, users will no longer have to use or download new apps because they may already be in WeChat!
The mini-programs concern all types of services: sales, e-commerce and government services.

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